Myra Lindberg

Having moved locations Myra started going to Ultimate Physio 5 years ago and found that the service they offered helped her a lot. Having an ongoing problem that has acute phases Myra rates the practice 10 out 10 for treatment and  patient care. She goes on to say “They are very efficient and the practitioners are excellent. I would highly recommend them!”

Lynley Duncan

Lynley Duncan has been a patient of Ultimate Physio for the past 18 months. She rates the physiotherapist that treats her 9 out of 10 in terms of the treatment and the patient care she receives. Lynley says further that “Its not just the treatment, its their demeanour. Upbeat, friendly and always ready to give you a frank, informed assessment of your injury and the length of time needed to treat it successfully. I would and have already highly recommended them.”

Chris Wade

After falling three floors in 1998 and breaking his back, Chris Wade tried various physiotherapists before making an appointment with Ultimate Physio. He has been a loyal client ever since, “I have full confidence in them and that’s the key! They also keep up to date with the latest treatments and their highly efficient, very cordial patient care sets them apart as a physiotherapy practice”

In Chris’ closing remarks he says “I’m not one to ever give a 10 out of 10, but I would rate them a 10 in terms of their effective treatment of my injury.”

Colleen O’Brien

Colleen calls her Physiotherapist at Ultimate Physio “My Lifesaver!” When diagnosed with polymalgia rheumatica Colleen’s doctor recommended that she try physiotherapy to help with mobility and pain levels. Colleen recalls the relief being unbelievable. She was even more thrilled to discover that her Ultimate Physio therapist was a professional acupuncturist as well (as she had tried this before in the UK). Colleen says “ I can’t tell you how different I felt from top to bottom!”

Colleen is thrilled with how well her treatments have gone and gives this advice “I’m 82 years old and I responded so well to these treatments. I hear people saying all the time, that they are too old and the pain is something they just have to live with. Well I am living proof that you are never to old!”

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