ACC ~ FAQ’s Answered

We’re so sorry that you’ve had an accident. No matter how you’ve incurred your injury, we’re here to help. So here are some useful steps when making an ACC related appointment.

  • It is not necessary to see your GP to obtain referral to see us if you have an ACC related injury
  • We have all the necessary forms that you would need to complete to obtain ACC cover
  • Your first appointment with us (when you apply for ACC) will cost $30. This fee is reflective of ACC cover being approved. Should ACC cover not be approved for your injury you will be liable to pay the difference between this fee and a private patient fee of $72.
  • Once ACC cover is approved all subsequent treatments will incur a fee of $20.00 per session.
  • To help you we have a downloadable New Patient Form available or you to complete in the comfort of you own home, and bring to your appointment. This way you only need to complete the ACC form at your first appointment (if you’re an existing patient you won’t need to complete this form, just the ACC one when you arrive at our rooms).
  • Click the button below called “Make an appointment” to get all our contact details and see which location suits you best

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