TOG orthotics are custom foot orthotics (shoe insoles) made by professionals and based on a thorough physical examination of your feet and biomechanics, as well as your GaitScan results. TOG orthotics are DYNAMIC orthotics – biomechanical devices that provide support, balance, and sensory feedback to the nerves, muscles, tendons, and joints in your feet, as well as to all the other weight-bearing joints of your body (knees, hips, pelvis, and spine). Each orthotic is specifically made for YOU to suit the requirements of each of your feet.

TOG orthotics are a fantastic investment in your physical health, providing an ideal environment to optimise your body’s alignment and biomechanics, thereby helping to improve your physical performance, reducing the risk of developing future joint problems, and helping to reduce pain with existing joint problems. You will take approximately 1,000,000 steps in your lifetime, and every step taken on a faulty or malaligned biomechanical system can lead to the progressive breakdown of the kinetic chain, and therefore pain. So if you are tired of ongoing foot pain, bunions, heel pain, shin splints, knee pain, hip pain, lower back pain, even neck pain – take a step towards better health.


GaitScan Assessment (1 hour) $80
Adult Orthotics 1st pair 1st $400
Children’s Orthotics (under 16 years) $300 per pair
*NOTE: Children will have to be re-scanned and fitted with a new pair of orthotics after every
major growth spurt that results in significant change in foot size.
Fitting Session (20 minutes) $30


    • The type of orthotics you are fitted with is based on information you give us about your lifestyle, activity levels, and the type of shoes you wear most of the time.
    • Your orthotics will NOT fit every pair of shoes, and will limit the style of shoes you can wear. This is especially true for women’s shoes. Women will often end up having to get 2 pairs of orthotics – one for casual/ sports shoes and one for fashion footwear.

Please feel free to talk to one of our therapists if you have any further questions.

Please download this file and fill it out for your assessment

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