Pilates Instructor

Meet Juliet

Passionate about her family, cooking fresh healthy tasty food. Movement makes her feel free and alive.  At the moment she attends a belly dancing class with a friend and loves it!  Helping others to fulfill their movement desires and become free of pain and injury is what she loves. Whether that means enabling them to  complete an ironman race or play comfortably with their grandchildren.

Juliet’s Background

She studied as a dancer and always had a overwhelming desire to push to see how far her body would go.  So she did acrobatics / contortion scratched that itch.  After travelling the world in dance shows she and her sister formed an acrobatic attraction and continued to travel, Kenya was our favourite country to work in.  After retiring and having twins with her husband Robert the years of over extending her body had begun to take their toll.  It was her husband Rober that came across Pilates 14 years ago and advised she give it a go.  Within a short period of time she could move again free of pain.  So impressed by this seemly magical form of exercise she enrolled for the body control pilates teacher training course in Covent Garden to learn more. Today she is still blown away how effective these gentle exercises are.

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